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Compressed Air Foam Systems

CAFS Trailers

What is C.A.F.S.?

C.A.F.S.? is a foam system that has the added

ability to inject compressed air into a foam

solution generating a product that is referred to

as compressed air foam. This type of foam has a

tighter, denser, more uniform and stable bubble

structure than standard foam solutions. This

bubble structure helps the foam adhere to

vertical and overhead surfaces, and penetrate

fires deeper before the bubbles are broken down

allowing the latent water to be much more


Compressed Air Foam is so effective because it

truly attacks all sides of the fire tetrahedron. It

smothers the fire with a “foam blanket”, thus

preventing oxygen from combining with fuel. It

diminishes the heat by insulating (using the

trapped air within the bubble structure) and

reflecting (the bubbles actually reflect radiant

heat, thus preventing excess heat from adding to

the fire.) It prevents additional fuel from reacting

with the fire by providing a barrier. Finally, CAFS

has been shown to “disrupt” the chemical

reaction required for fire to continue.